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Asian Projects in Thailand, Laos & China

Ethnic Chinese Embroideries & Silvers

Ethnic Chinese Embroideries & Silvers
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As no two pieces are the same, I won't be able to produce a catalogue. Whatever are being posted up are whatever is available from our current collection. Price will be further discounted for quantity order.
Do email me if you other pieces in mind, and I will try to find it for you. These unique and original design pieces are old; at least 2 generations, 80 years old. Some are even over 100 years old collection.

Ethnic Necklace with 14 individual rings


These traditional old pieces of silver ornaments are normally worn on special occasion like weddings and brithdays celebrations. Contact me for more unique designs.

Old Ethnic Embroideries

Well preserved ethnic Shui antique cloth complete with side straps. Some of the stitches are done with horses' hair. Full stretch is about 5 feet wide and 4 feet long. Special Price of US$280 each.
Other pieces available.


Close up view of the pattern


Intricate stitch of the Ethnic Miao baby carrier. Very good condition. It is about 2 and half feet wide and 3 feet long. US$128 each. At least 80 years old


Close up view of the pattern


Another different type of Miao stitch called "Dazi" stitch or otherwise known as pekin knot stitch. Must see closely to appreciate. US$138 each.


Close-up view of the pattern


These are have just arrived. Some of the fine pieces of silver which the ethnic Miao, Bai, Yi ladies wears them as ornaments on their headdress, with their necklaces and even on the traditional costumes.


Miao tribe earrings
Each piece 20 gms. Diameter 5 x 11 cm.

Miao earrings as appear on the 1 yuan note

Miao tribe earrings
15 gms each. 5 x 7 cm (widest area)


There are more of these beautiful old silver ornamental pieces used the ethnic folks on their clothings as well as on their hairdo which we can't post it up. Some are rare pieces and hard to find. Contact me if you have something in mind or if you wish to see more pieces.

Contact me for other designs, pieces and new supply.