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Chinese Christian Plaques

These plaques are handcarved by a retired Christian teacher in China. The material is pinetree wood painted with quality paint(comes in blue, green, brown, red and black) that you can actually use a piece of wet cloth to clean off the dust. The dimension is 18cm in diameter. Each plaque comes with a display stand. Unit price is S$28 which includes packing and posting in Singapore and Malaysia.


John 6:35,"Jesus said, I am the bread of life".


Matthew 9:22,"your faith has healed you".


Matthew 6:25," life more important than food and body more important than clothes?".


John 10:10, "...I come that you might have life and life abundantly".


John 6:27,"Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that edures to eternal life".

We have other pieces and can customised your order.